Massage Therapy

At Bellanova we offer a range of Massage Therapy services. Whether you are looking for something gentle to unwind after a stressful week, or would rather a deep tissue massage to relieve pain, let our licensed massage therapists help you relax and feel your best.


Below are some of the massage options we offer.  


Swedish Massage


A gentle touch-- one that soothes muscle tension and induces relaxation.  This massage aids in digestion, releases toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system, and improves circulation.


This basic massage is a great introduction if you have never had a massage, are sensitive to massage, or just want to unwind from a stressful work week.


Massage Cupping
A form of therapeutic massage using suction to create a "reverse pressure" that can be used throughout the entire body. This technique has many benefits which include increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, loosen adhesions, clear stagnation and relaxation through placement or movement of the cups.
Massage Cupping is also used to facilitate deep tissue massage.
Connective Deep Tissue Massage


Chronic patterns of tension in the body are alleviated through stretching, slow cross fiber friction, and a combination of light and deep pressure.


For more serious problems, or as a follow-up to a previous Swedish Massage, try a Connective Deep Tissue Massage. Excellent several days to a week after strains and other injuries.



Hot Stone Massage


Using smooth heated stones, Hot Stone Massage gets much deeper into problem areas by loosening tight muscles.  The heat also aids in even deeper relaxation, allowing you to drift away in bliss. 


If it has been a while since your last massage, you have very tense muscles, or just want to be ultimately pampered, a Hot Stone Massage may be perfect for you.


Ashiatsu Massage
The ultimate deep tissue massage. 
With the use of overhead bars for support, your therapist uses their feet to perform the massage to release tight and sore muscles. 
 FST / Fascial Stretch Therapy
FST is an assisted stretching technique performed by a certified fascial stretch therapist on the treatment table. FST focuses on the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds everything throughout the body. Stretching fascia significantly decreases tension, stiffness and pain while calming the nervous system for a full body relaxation experience.
Client is required to be clothed during treatment, please bring or wear comfortable, flexible clothing such as yoga wear. 
A true combination of pampering and relaxation starts with a gentle exfoliation followed by your choice of detox or hydrating body mask to soothe the body while wrapped in layers of comfort and warmth. During the wrap, your tension will melt with an indulging head, neck, shoulder and foot massage followed by a full body hydrating application. 

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